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Dealing with Trauma

Recovering from Frightening Events It’s natural to be afraid after something scary or dangerous happens. When you feel you’re in danger, your body responds with a rush of chemicals that make you more alert. This is called the “flight or fight” response. It helps us

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Struggling to Hear?

Tiny Devices Can Keep You Connected Many people slowly lose their hearing as they get older. Not being able to hear well can make it hard to communicate. That can affect your relationships, emotional well-being, and work performance. For those who need them, hearing aids

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Keep an Eye on Your Eyes

Technologies For Protecting Vision The eyes are more than windows to the soul. With advances in eye health technology, they can also give a unique look into your health. “The eye is a real window into what’s happening in your body,” says NIH eye health

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Tick Tock: Your Body Clocks

Understanding Your Daily Rhythms Did you know that your body has its own internal network of clocks? These biological clocks help you feel alert during the day, hungry at mealtimes, and sleepy at night. Keeping your body’s daily cycles, or circadian rhythms, in sync is

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Building Social Bonds

Connections That Promote Well-Being Strong, healthy relationships are important throughout your life. Your social ties with family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others impact your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. “We can’t underestimate the power of a relationship in helping to promote well-being,” says

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Creating Healthy Habits

Make Better Choices Easier We know that making healthy choices can help us feel better and live longer. Maybe you’ve already tried to eat better, get more exercise or sleep, quit smoking, or reduce stress. It’s not easy. But research shows how you can boost

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The Power of Pets

Health Benefits of Human-Animal Interactions Nothing compares to the joy of coming home to a loyal companion. The unconditional love of a pet can do more than keep you company. Pets may also decrease stress, improve heart health, and even help children with their emotional

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Making a Healthier Home

Cast Toxins From Your Living Space Take a look around your home. Do you know what’s in your household goods and products? Some chemicals can harm your health if too much gets into your body. Becoming aware of potentially harmful substances and clearing them out

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Healthy Holiday Foods and Fun

Make Smart Choices as You Celebrate the Season Mashed potatoes and gravy, Grandma’s apple pie, and other holiday favorites can be a joyous part of any celebration. But to feel your best, you know you need to eat in moderation and stay active. How can

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Don’t Toss the Floss!

The Benefits of Daily Cleaning Between Teeth You may have seen or heard news stories suggesting that you can forget about flossing, since scientists lack solid evidence that you’ll benefit from cleaning between your teeth with a sturdy string. But many dentists may beg to

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