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Positive Parenting

Building Healthy Relationships With Your Kids Parents have an important job. Raising kids is both rewarding and challenging. You're likely to get a lot of advice along the way, from doctors, family, friends, and even strangers. But every parent and child is unique. Being sensitive

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Hurtful Emotions

Understanding Self-Harm People deal with difficult feelings in all sorts of ways. They may talk with friends, go work out, or listen to music. But some people may feel an urge to hurt themselves when distressed. Harming or thinking about harming yourself doesn't mean you

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Keep your voice sound

How to Prevent and Avoid Voice Problems Whether answering the phone, chatting with coworkers, or even letting loose on karaoke nights, your voice helps you connect with others. It acts as a reflection of your personality, mood, and health. Experts estimate that nearly 18 million

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Struggling to Sleep?

Don't Let Apnea Steal Your Sweet Dreams Most people who have sleep apnea don’t realize it. That’s because this disorder only occurs during sleep. Sleep apnea is when you have pauses in breathing while you’re asleep. These pauses can last from seconds to minutes. You

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Missing Strands?

Dealing with Hair Loss Hair loss is often associated with men and aging, but it can happen to women and children, too. Many people have thinning hair or bald areas on their head. You can lose hair slowly or quickly. Whether or not your hair

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What Your Nose Knows

Sense of Smell and Your Health Your sense of smell enriches your experience of the world around you. Different scents can change your mood, transport you back to a distant memory, and may even help you bond with loved ones. Your ability to smell also

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Biosensors and Your Health

What's Your Body Trying to Tell You? Your body alerts you to many aspects of your health. Your stomach growling tells you when to eat. A powerful yawn lets you know you’re tired. Your body gives off many other valuable signals, but requires technology to

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The Power of Your Pancreas

Keep Your Digestive Juices Flowing How much you eat alters more than your waistline. It also affects your body’s organs, starting with your pancreas. With each bite, your pancreas must release enough digestive juices and hormones for you to benefit from the food you eat.

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Painful Joints?

Early Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis Is Key Painful, swollen, and stiff joints can be a sign of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common forms. The pain and stiffness can interfere with your life at home and at work. For some people, the

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Do Social Ties Affect Our Health?

Exploring the Biology of Relationships Cuddles, kisses, and caring conversations. These are key ingredients of our close relationships. Scientists are finding that our links to others can have powerful effects on our health. Whether with romantic partners, family, friends, neighbors, or others, social connections can

Do Social Ties Affect Our Health?2018-02-10T15:08:39+00:00
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