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Visi is bringing some life-changing “first to market” products to the world.

If you’re ready to live better, feel better, and be better – then you ned to know about Visi!

Vísi offers you the ability to earn a significant income through the Vísi Performance Plan. The amount of work and effort you put forth will ultimately determine your success. Through the Vísi Performance Plan you can earn a residual income, get your products for free, drive the car of your dreams, and even qualify for life-changing cash bonuses. The Vísi Performance Plan is one of the most generous pay plans in the industry, and it features elevated earning caps and a powerful check-matching bonus— giving Vísi Partners the opportunity for unlimited earnings.

Vísi comes from an ancient Scandinavian word that means “leader” or “leadership”. Our goal is to be a little bit better every day and to help others do the same. Powered by a unique combination of the Scandinavian based Arctic Cloudberry, revolutionary nutritional breakthroughs, and an industry leading business opportunity, hundreds of thousands are now leading their best lives.
What sets Visi apart?

We’ve already pioneered two compelling health categories: arctic cloudberry and hydrolyzed collagen protein, both breakthroughs in whole-body vitality. Cloudberry is an antioxidant powerhouse, containing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Hydrolyzed collagen protein is bio-identical and the most absorbable protein source on the market. Blend the two together and you have our exclusive AC2 Technology. These category-creating innovations are only the beginning—Visi will continue to bring breakthrough products to improve your life and that commitment delivers real business potential.

Discover the freedom of owning your own business and let Visi help you lead your best life.
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Visi’s Performance Plan

Our unique Performance Plan is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. We’ve structured it so anyone can find success along their journey.

Retail Commissions

Earn retail commissions by purchasing Visi products at wholesale price and then selling them to customers at retail price.

Preferred Customer Bonus

You can earn 20% on any personal product orders placed by your personally sponsored Preferred/Retail Customers whenever they place a qualifying order.

Three for Free

Enroll three Preferred Customers within a 4-week qualification period to earn your favorite Visi autoship for FREE.

First Order Bonus

Earn a First Order Bonus of 20% on personal product orders placed by your new Visi Partners or Preferred/Retail Customers at the time of their enrollment.

Sponsor Pack Bonus

Earn a Sponsor Pack Bonus of 20% on new Visi Partners you enroll with any qualifying Sponsor Pack.

Rising Sun Bonus

When you sponsor a new Visi Partner with a qualifying Sponsor Pack on both your left and right leg in a one-week period, you will receive a Rising Sun Bonus equal to 50% of the Sponsor Pack Bonus for each new enrollee.

Dual Team Commissions

The Visi Performance Plan is built on the strong foundation of our industry-leading 20% Dual Team Commissions. When you help your team generate sales volume, you’ll earn increasing Dual Team Commissions.

Visi Car Bonus

Reach the rank of Arctic 4 Star and earn the key to the car of your dreams. Qualifiers earn a $600 monthly bonus.

Visi Matching Bonus

You can earn unlimited matching bonuses based on the performance of your personally sponsored Partners through the Visi Matching Bonus. For those who actively build teams, this can be a significant income generator.

Rank Advancement Bonus

There are two cash bonuses paid out with each rank you achieve at Arctic 5 Star and above. Hit a qualifying rank for the first time and you’ll receive your first bonus. Hit it again an get second. These bonuses reach all the way to two million dollars!

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